Best Variant Comic Book Covers for January 2, 2019

One of my favorite parts of comic book collecting is seeking out the variant covers of my favorite issues. For those of you who are either not familiar with or new to the comic book world, variant covers are essentially special or limited edition covers.

These are the best for the week of January 2, 2019, starting with my favorite.

Click here for the list of new releases.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #61

DC Comics
Cover art by Jenny Frison


Champions Vol 3 #1

Cover art by Phil Noto


Sword Daughter #5

Dark Horse
Cover art by Mack Chater


Detective Comics Vol 2 #995

DC Comics
Cover art by Mark Brooks


Low #20 

Cover art by Matteo Scalera


Marvel Knights 20th #5 

Cover art by Kaare Andrews


Tony Stark Iron Man #7 

Cover art by unknown
(If you know who did this art, please let me know!)


Author: Penny W

Absolutely bookish.

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