Contact & Inquiries

If you would like to contact me for any reason, my email address is I usually respond within 3-5 business days.

Book Reviews, Requests, and Promotions

I am available to review any arcs or finished copies, as well as book subscription boxes and bookish items. For books, although I prefer physical copies as I find they’re easier to annotate, I do accept ebooks as well. I do not accept audiobooks only because I find they’re difficult for me to review. If a book you’d like me to review is part of a series, then I may need the rest of that series as well. Please contact me at if you would like to send me any books or products for review.

If you would like me to host any book-related promotions, guest posts, or interviews, I am happy to do so. I will also host giveaways, but keep in mind that Read Yourself Happy does not pay to cover any shipping costs or fees from the publisher.

My Review Process

For each book I receive, I will post a review on my blog, as well as on Amazon and Goodreads. I may also share the book on Instagram and Twitter. All reviews here on the blog will include a picture of the book, a summary of the plot, and everything I loved and disliked about the novel. My reviews are honest and my own opinions; I do not accept compensation for positive reviews. I also do not post anything rude or mean towards the author, publisher, or book. For a clearer look at my book reviews, check out the following posts:

The genres I prefer to read and review include:

  • Post-apocalyptic & dystopia (YA & Adult)
  • Science fiction (YA & Adult)
  • Fantasy (YA & Adult)
  • Steampunk (YA & Adult)
  • Mythology (YA & Adult)
  • Horror (YA & Adult)
  • Contemporary (YA & Adult)
  • Humor (Adult)
  • Mystery (Adult)
  • Classic fiction (and modern re-tellings) (Children, YA & Adult)
  • Scientific non-fiction (Adult)
  • Thrillers/Suspense (YA & Adult)
  • Wellness/health (Adult)
  • Self-help (Adult)

Essentially, I will accept anything except the following genres:

  • Non-fiction that is not science- or history-based
  • Audiobooks
  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Sports

If you send me a book that you would like reviewed or promoted by a certain date, I am happy to do so with at least a two-week advance window. Otherwise, I try to get to each book within two months of receiving it.

Guest Posts

I am incredibly open to guest posts. If you have an idea for an article, feel free to contact me.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at